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Interior Studies

This series of paintings is ongoing. Many times, these paintings are aids in forming the larger, current work - providing passages, backgrounds and foregrounds, and ideas for surface. 

All of these paintings are between 8-15 inches in the longest direction, and oil on panel.

Walmart Study One
Walmart Study Seven
Walmart Study Six
Walmart Study 6 Oil and Acrylic Resin on Panel 9 x 11 in 2012
Walmart Study 8 Oil on Panel 12x8in  2012
Walmart Study 3 Oil and Acrylic Resin on Panel 8x10 inches 2012
Walmart Study 10
Retail Island
Checkout Counter with People
Checkout Counter #2
walmart study 12
Bread Island Study
Checkout Counter #2 South
Freestanding Shelving Unit for Jack Ryan
Freezer and Freight Train
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